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We offer a wide variety of high precision, high quality mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and components for the industrial motion control and measurement field.  Our quality is unmatched and we cater to our customers needs.  Please peruse our catalogue of products below.

rack_and_pinion_sys.gif (811 bytes) Reliable, High Precision Linear or Angular  Rack and Pinion Shaft Optical Encoder or Resolver Measuring Systems for Motion Control (Linear or Angular Positioning Actuators)
graduated_rules.gif (542 bytes)

Whittam High Quality, High Precision, Heavy Duty, Engraved, Graduated, Metal, Inch or Metric  Rulers (also called Rules or Scales), Vernier Scales, Index Rings & Machine Dials made exactly to customer's specifications

ac_motor.jpg (1412 bytes) High Performance, High Response, High Peak Torque, Low Inertia, Highest Torque to Size and Power to Size Ratios AC (Brushless) Servo Motors
DRO-sh.jpg (1233 bytes) Advanced Technology  DROs for every Linear and Angular Measurement Machine Tool Application
Metal_Linear_Scales.gif (1503 bytes) Accurate Metal Linear Scales for the above DROs)
brakes.gif (1120 bytes) Industrial type Electric, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Clutches, Brakes, Clutch-Brakes and Discs for Mach. Tool Industry
transducers.gif (528 bytes) State of the Art Pressure, Force and Torque Transducers
pinion_shaft_encoders.gif (3249 bytes) Integral Pinion Shaft Optical Encoders/Integral Pinion Shaft Resolvers
gears.gif (756 bytes) Precision Instrument Rack Gears, Gear Rack, Pinions, Gearboxes, Helical, Bevel, Spurs, etc...
height_gauge_digital.jpg (1844 bytes) Digital Height Gauges--Innovative Technology, Customizable to Suit the Application
  Digital Vernier Calipers

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