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Gear & Pinion Catalog (.pdf file)

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Gear Rack & Components Catalog (.pdf file)

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Experts in precision rack and pinion shaft encoder or resolver for linear or angular measuring and other positioning feedback devices for NC, CNC, PLC, Motion Control Automation, Machine Tool, Robotics, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Retrofitting Industries.

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Since 1977!

Highest Precision!

Best Quality


Our engineering expertise is available
to provide
technical support
for the products
we sell; and assist
our customers
in solving
their engineering














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The Fundamental  Operation of  SEL Series Rack & Pinion Linear Encoder or Resolver Measuring Systems
(catalog's navigational structure)

Page 1
Rack and Pinion Mesh Geometry

Page 2

Long Life & Trouble-free Operation

Page 3
Precision, Fine Resolution & Unlimited Length of Travel

Page 4
Integral Pinion Transducers

Page 5
Backlash Elimination

Page 6
Angular Measuring Rack Concept

Page 7
Mounting Details for Angular Rack & Pinion

Page 8
Angular Measuring Rack on G. A. Gray (Giddings & Lewis) VTM

Rack and Pinion
Optical Encoder or Resolver
Feedback Packages

for Motion Control 

Time and money saver--linear protected or angular Gear Rack & Pinion Measuring System requires little or no maintenance!

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Rack and Pinion style incremental linear optical encoder or resolver combined with a ruggedly constructed DRO or CNC provides the user with years of trouble-free operation.  Here are six major reasons why the Relinace/SEL Series Precision Rack and Pinion measuring system is better than the one with glass scales:

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Tolerates coolant and metal chips

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Has long life in hostile environment

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Provides maintenance free operation

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Operates in shock and vibration conditions

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Ensures more error-free operation due to identical coefficient of expansion to that of machine steel

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Can be used for either linear or angular measurement
The protected rack channel enclosure keeps the debris out while assuring better than .0005"/80" accuracy and repeatability better than .000050"

Go with the industry's best -- for further information and/or engineering assistance call us at (708) 449-5700, fax us (708) 449-5703, or e-mail us today!

Please click here to view our Gear Rack & Pinion Measuring Systems catalog in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required)

Click here for more detailed information on our Precision RG/SEL Series Rack & Pinion Encoder or Resolver Measuring Systems

Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd.
P.O. Box 9277
Lombard, IL  60148-9277, USA
708-449-5700 (Phone)
708-449-5703 (Fax)

E-Mail: sales@schlenkent.com

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